Independent Bookstore Day 2022

I love my local indie bookstores! I’ve had the opportunity to scope out many amazing independent bookstores in different places around the world and I want to support ALL of them. For the ones located in the U.S., the best way I’ve found to do this is to buy through! If you’re favorite indie […]

Behind the Scenes: Wicker Park

When brainstorming the plot of One of Those Faces, it was immediately clear to me that it needed to take place in Chicago.  Of course, it could have been set in a number of different places, but Chicago is one of my favorite cities and the overall vibe really stood out to me as a […]

Cover Reveal: One of Those Faces

I’m so excited to share the cover of my novel! I’m absolutely in love with it and it fits the story so well. One of Those Faces is a psychological thriller about an insomniac artist who discovers a shocking truth about a recent spate of murders in her city: the victims all look just like […]

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